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Data Digitization
Data Digitization – Business Solutions for Covid 19

Data Digitization & Coronavirus Disruption, Chance for Business to Adapt and Renew

According to the survey of 1,200 applicants of Government (Debt IV), there are 73%  businesses facing the disruptions after the next 6 months of Covid 19 pandemic. In additions, according to the Forbes News (2020), there are more and more business are facing disruption. Moreover, the negative situations of profit margin, interest rates, operation costs and workforce are continue to change the business landscape. Unfortunately, the most number of businesses have not finalize their strategies for the upcoming events. That is the reason why BPO.MP Company made a huge effort to deliver the best Digitization service for the market.


Why Your Industry Is About To Be Disrupted | DOZ


How can business leaders react to the challenges?

According to The Conversation (2020), Technologies and Digitization are the most popular implication for business in the climate changes of market. In order to maximize the potential solutions and increase the ability of handling the current crisis, businesses need to remain true to their vision, be empathetic to stakeholders, make quick decisions and adjust those decisions. If necessary, businesses must be frequently and transparently on the basis of new information in order to adapt quickly.


Data Digitization


Data Digitization TOP Business Outsourcing Solutions – BPO.MP

There are more and more businesses decided to convert their operation system to digital background. Covid 19 Pandemic has changed all business strategies and plans for the upcoming crisis, increase the necessary of data digitization and digital transformation for management and operation system such as data digital storage and usage. Currently in Vietnam, the industry and jobs for data digitization has dramatically increased and been potential for the contribution of economic development for the country. Due to the huge amount of traditional documents from small to big businesses, data digitization took an important role in the business solutions for their Covid 19 Pademic strategies. In order to deal with the above situations, BPO.MP has developed the best and recommended business solutions as Data Digitization and Data Management System.

MP.BPO Data Digitization

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