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Content Writing

BPO.MP’s Content Writing Services

Content writing services have been very hot recently, then what is content writing services? We can simply understand such services as follows:

From the manufacturer’s product information and customer’s information link, based on the customer requirements, BPO.MP will write an introduction about details, outstanding features of the product such as material, size, product name, origin, etc.

Besides, these services also include copying information and checking spelling errors, rearranging content according to the format required by customers. The writing is expressed clearly, easy to understand, stand out from competitors, attract attention and convince customers to purchase and use such products and services.

In addition, BPO.MP will re-process the raw images of products and services from suppliers such as creating white background, adding/ removing water mark, resizing, editing brightness & color to make the images more beautiful and eye-catching, attract customers and increase sales opportunity for businesses. Finally, customers will possess a new writing article with high-quality content and images that makes it easier for businesses to reach their target customers, improve sales revenue, and enhance company’s reputation.

Customers of content writing services:

Customers are all companies that have demand to advertise their products and services. Especially those whose in the field of E-commerce, online sales such as selling furnitures, books, household goods, foods…

Content writing services include:

  • Product description writing
  • Published PR articles on newspapers/ websites
  • Translation
  • Intensive article
  • Standardized SEO writing
  • Image design (watermark, text…)

Reason for choosing BPO.MP’s content writing service:

  • Careful preparation, quality assurance
  • Standardized & professional content
  • Dedicated writers, user’s psychology orientation
  • Customer information confidentiality
  • Respect for copyright

Working Process:

Outcome: provide content writing services about product description for a large  E-commerce company:

  • Write product description for 1000 items per day.
  • Complete 5000 product descriptions per month.

Don’t let poor quality content and images affect your website – the face of your company!

Please contact BPO.MP to receive advice on improving your website content!

We will advise suitable content, plan appropriate writing and provide useful consultation to your brand.


For further information, please contact Hotline: 02363 945 679 or email to: info@mpbpo.com.vn