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Development trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in Vietnam

After a long journey of innovation, Vietnam has developed strongly, becoming an integrated, dynamic and attractive economy in the region. In the context of development and international integration, along with the strong development of the industrial revolution 4.0, Vietnam has determined to focus on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology – a spearhead, expected to be the most breakthrough technology industry in the next 10 years.

In Vietnam, AI has been strongly applied in many fields such as health, education, agriculture, transportation, e-commerce… AI technology has also brought Vietnam tremendous progress over the years.

Catching up with the new development trend, BPO.MP has launched specialized services to support other companies and organizations in the research and development of Artificial Intelligence. Currently, our company is implementing the following support services:

Labeling image dataTagging face recognition
Labeling videoTagging text data
Labeling audio dataCollecting data
Labeling text to speechDigitizing Data ()
Labeling speech to text Labeling other types of data


  • Supporting Research Institutes in labeling text to speech with average productivity: 27,500 sentences/ month.
  • Supporting other Data Research Institutes in labeling face recognition with average productivity: 100,000 images/ month.
  • Supporting other Data Research Institutes in tagging image with average productivity: 2,880 images/ month.
  • Labeling 2,100 minutes of recording (carried out in 12 hours).
  • Carrying out tagging 30,000 minutes of recording/ month.
  • Average productivity of conversation labeling: 1,400 minutes of recording/ day.
  • Average productivity of recording labeling: 2,200 minutes of recording/ day.

With a team of highly experienced and highly-trained staff, BPO.MP is confident being one of the best company that provides Outsourcing for AI companies services today.