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Digitization – The Green Revolution of the Information Era

In every era, there is an invention innovative enough to propel humanity into another age of productivity, allowing more to be done for less effort and as a result, simplifying lives. In the 15th century early renaissance, the Gutenberg Press was built to mass produce large quantities of literature content to educate and spread literacy to a wide audience in Europe (Barbier & Birrell, 2017). In fact, before this period, periodicals or excerpts were hand printed or written for distribution, leading to many a disadvantage unknown to that era but apparent now. Weathering due to time and environmental conditions have led to a loss in critical information as written documents faded and crumbled, as well as, habitat and environmental destruction for the base resource such as paper have led to a decline in rare species of flora and fauna in many parts of the world (Deforestation and Forest Degradation, n.d.). That is why in the modern information era, the agenda of “Going Green” is imperative as humanity is the only advanced specie that is capable of rational thought to inform and act, to save the environment. BPO.MP believes in the green movement and has dedicated itself in empowering businesses to go paperless to aid in the saving of the environment by providing services such as “Digitization”, whilst providing a substantial increase in operational efficiency. But what is ‘Digitization” and how does it benefit my company?

Digitization, The New “Paperless” Paper

Digitization is the process in which analogue data is converted into a digital form in which business processes can be standardized to, to cut operational cost and increase efficiency and excellence (Ritter & Lund Pedersen, 2020). Simply put, written information that can easily perish or be misplaced can found with much ease, much quicker once it has been made digital. For many companies, there is a certain fear in change and adopting new strategies. To change is to tread the unknown and leave the comfort zone and there are consequences to doing so. This fear blindsides the potential benefits that can be gained from the switch; Increase in productivity by refocusing efforts and efficiency in cost-time, reduction in operational cost and negation of redundancy and greater security of information are but some of these benefits. MP.BPO, a 13-year veteran in business process outsourcing, can guarantee that these benefits can be provided with utmost certainty with unparalleled quality through not only simplifying your company’s operations, through the conversion  of analogue data to digital but do so with greater security for sensitive information, giving you the freedom to refocus your companies efforts into growing your network larger.

Help the Environment and Benefit your Business, but is it right for my company?

Going paperless through digitization helps the environment and can benefit my business through the prior mentioned affects but I’m still not convinced that it is right for my business. Well as times and environments change, so does the method in which businesses operate as refusal can not only hinder or stunt the growth of a business but could also make it obsolete in the future. Digitization is about the big picture of your company. By converting analogue data into digital information, you can analyse the more intricate and esoteric information that may have been hidden prior by observing and studying the connections between different aspects of your company, giving new insights that could revolutionize your business (Ritter & Lund Pedersen, 2020). For example, the comprehension that a product sells well because its cheap and popular is a gross understatement when fully analysed with the translated data, it could be that the product can be sold anywhere if the targeted demo-graphical segment is similar. It can be quite daunting to make the switch but with BPO.MP, it is possible to do so with ease as there is flexibility in the services we can provide to your preference and needs with continual support around the clock. With our expertise, knowledge and experience, let us transform your business into something new and push boundaries that limited your potential. For more information head on to our website, https://mptelecom.co.jp/en/.


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